Salone del Mobile

Discover the timeless essence of responsible design.

Mediterranean Perspectives
Designed by Mesura
Nestled within the bustling International Bathroom Exhibition, Roca’s pavilion stands out with a geometric design that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and closely linked to Barcelona architecture. Designed by Barcelona-based architecture firm, Mesura, Mediterranean Perspectives is an introverted design that opens up via a central plaza, inviting you to enter and discover the interior.
At the heart of the space is the colourful Nu faucet collection by Studio Inma Bermúdez, a captivating focal point with a vivid and playful design. Bathed in a soft glow of natural light reminiscent the Mediterranean, that stand showcases our signature collections and pioneering innovations, as well as a new, redesigned faucet collection.

About the Stand
Geometry is key to the design of this pavilion and serves a dual purpose. From the outside, it represents a return to Roca’s origins and the character of Barcelona. Inside, the variety of geometries creates a unique atmosphere and interior volume, with different capsules for every collection, each with its own atmosphere, shape, and materials.
Materiality and sustainability play a key role in the design of this ephemeral space. In line with our commitment to sustainability, the stand features reclaimed wood from previous projects and shutters from last year’s ISH fair in Frankfurt to help reduce the overall environmental impact of this structure.

Mesura is a model for creativity, achieving durable and creative solutions by venturing into the unknown and by reimagining the practice of architecture and design. The studio was founded in 2010 by five partners after being awarded the prestigious European Urban Planning Award. For the past fourteen years, Mesura has learned to untangle the complexities of each challenge to reveal the essence of the concept.
Mesura explores a wide range of mediums, including spatial projects, objects, resources, and editorial work. Each medium presents a unique opportunity to bring new ideas to life. Whether designing a space, crafting an object, curating resources, or producing thought-provoking content, Mesura approaches each project with dedication and a commitment to excellence.
Mesura’s working process is based on a transdisciplinary methodology that seeks to find connections between the various fields they operate in. Each project serves as a testing site where the process is as valued as the final outcome. Mesura believes that true innovation occurs when different perspectives and ideas intersect.
Salone del Mobile, Pavilion 10 Stand Nº B19-C12, Rho Fiera Milano, April 16—21